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Friday, April 8, 2016


Everyone that knows me whether you like me or not is well aware over 7 years of how very much I love the Second Life Music Community and how passionate about it I am.

I have seen something in the past few weeks that is rather disturbing.  I do not believe there is a one of us that tolerate bullying in social media whether it is a story of kids bullying another kid through social media, to making fun of someone's looks.  I believe in our hearts that every one of us would condemn that type of behavior.  No matter what it is Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, there so many.....they are all forms of social media.  So is Second Life.  Some may say its a game, others like me say it is much more.....but no matter how you look at it it is still social media.  The biggest difference being is that this social media is filled with grown adults that you think would be above the bullying aspect.

Yet for the second time in a relatively short amount of time I have seen posts that turn into bullying.  Though it had moved into blogs and FaceBook posts.  Anytime one person encourages others to be mean to someone to someone else, that is a form of bullying.  It is done in a number of ways.  The sad part is that I have seen these blogs coming from one direction and then of course just like mudslinging politics it turns into a witch hunt.  In no way I am defending the actions of the venue owner that was victim to it a few weeks ago, nor am I defending the mouth of the newest victim.  But come on we are adults, if you don't like something use your mute, your personal ban abilities, defriend etc.  Then if you continue to hear it it is simply because you choose to hear it. Then if you put I don't do drama in your profile, it would appear that you really do, especially if you feed into it.

I think it is sad that someone who writes about the live music community and supposedly uses integrity and ethics, would actually encourage performers and venues to condemn someone else.  Mind you that other person being condemned whether you like or dislike him and the never ending mouth, has done so very much for the live music community in Second Life.  Made things that belong in the archives of Second Life and all he has really ever asked for is recognition of his work (though he sure does not know how to communicate that nicely).  As far as copyright infringement, give me a break, for 7 years every now and then it comes up, it has never gotten anywhere and performers that fall for those scare tactics, I truly feel sorry for have fallen into one of the biggest fallacies in the Second Life live music community.  For many times those videos have gotten you bookings, and followers.

Mind you, those that keep up with it are well aware that Stand Up 2 Cancer is under The Entertainment Foundation.  The person being victimized by this last round of bullying, has done videos for me for Stand Up and I have shared those with Stand Up,,,,,,laughing I do believe I would have heard if our performers were doing anything wrong.

I am not naming the publication or person that has prompted the bullying, I am asking each of you to always consider the source.  To not allow scare tactics to dictate to you.  and to please not jump on the bullying band wagon.  After 7 years, I truly believe that the hearts of the Second Life Music Community is far better than that.

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